Turn back time with a renovated 1948 Spartan Manor: Its interior is an ageless beauty

This immaculately renovated Spartan will leave you asking, "When can I move in?" Not only is it equipped with its very own cocktail bar and outdoor dining area, but it also has fantastic views of the New Mexico landscape. Being well over 60 years old doesn't keep this Spartan trailer from encapsulating modern elegance and sophistication. While recently renovated, the owners preserved the carefully crafted wood paneling that is a signature characteristic of the vintage models.
Much to our luck, anyone can stay the night in this mid-century beauty. The Spartan is listed on Airbnb, shockingly under 100 dollars a night. The interior is highlighted with classic examples of design from the time period. Make yourself a martini and enjoy that leisurely time off you deserve.
A timeless Scandinavian sofa is the focal point of the living room. Feel the softness of the faux sheepskin rug under your feet as you cuddle up with a good book and glass of wine.
The original layout of this Spartan Manor has been slightly altered as far as the kitchen, but maintains the general feeling of openness, allowing you to look straight back to the bedroom.
Minimal and contemporary was the goal with this kitchen, leaving plenty of room for flexibility and customization for the individual. We love this picture window looking out into the neighboring forest.
Any Mad Men fans out there? The china and glassware perfectly match the mood of the renovation. They were designed by Dorothy Thorpe and are an iconic example of atomic era design.
Perhaps even more important than a functioning kitchen, is a fully stocked wet bar. The host, Suzanne, writes, "a girl has to have her priorities straight."
Pamper yourself in this sizable bathroom, always complete with plush towels and natural light.
Last but not least, this huge bed might be just what you need the most this vacation. Feel free to stay here as long as you need...
...because that Santa Fe beauty will be there for when you awake.
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