Escape to a dazzling park model in the middle of a beautiful forest – the bedroom is gorgeous

Imagine that you're walking through a glacial forest. You stroll next to a quiet stream and gaze up at the sunlight gilding the edges of the towering pines. Just up ahead, you spot it: a storybook cottage shimmering in the sun.
You're not imagining it – it's real! Tucked into the beautiful woodlands of California, this spectacular park model is a safe haven for those who want to get away from it all.
You don't have to be totally removed from people, however. This park model is part of a tiny community close to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, but it feels so private that you'll hardly know anyone else is there.
On those days when you feel in need of solitude, the peaceful stream just off the property provides a calming sanctuary.
The park model's large deck has plenty of space for entertaining when you want to have the neighbors over.
Relax in the living room's comfortable lounge chairs, and you may just end up taking the best nap of your life.
The electric stove is built into the counter to give you more storage space, but it also looks totally cool! There's also a dishwasher, so you don't have to scrub for hours after parties.
A private dining space for two is both charming and romantic, with large bay windows for a perfect morning view.
The cozy bathroom still has enough room for a shower/tub combo. Warm lighting and bright countertops make it feel like a spa.
This bedroom is fit for a king, but we think a queen-size bed will do nicely here.
On those evenings when the outdoors is alive with the sounds of crickets and owls, take the time to do some stargazing. You've got one heck of a view.
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