See how a designer transformed her 2006 travel trailer into her very own tiny home

In just two weeks' time, this Arizona-based designer completely transformed her "old school, toy-hauler into a modern little tiny home." Ruthie is the mastermind behind House of Rumours, a blog and portfolio that showcases her design transformations, including her new tiny home. You are bound to find something you love in every room she designs. Her style is far-reaching, incorporating everything from industrial modern, Hollywood glam and shabby chic.
Renovating her 28-foot travel trailer has been on her agenda for years, and in 2015, she finally made her dreams a reality. She claims "Pinterest was slightly at fault for this," but we know that she is truly a natural at bringing life to seemingly dead spaces. The original interior of her 2006 trailer was very generic with its brown cabinetry and tan laminates. Now her trailer bursts with character, proving to us that our homes should always be a reflection of who we are as humans.
While the exterior of the trailer didn't need any cosmetic work, the interior had to be completely redone. Here you can see everything that was going wrong from the upholstery, the wallpaper, the laminate tiles and the overwhelming amount of brown.
Despite being a 2006 model, the original interior looked like it was straight from the 1970s. Ruthie was quick to fix that problem and brought her new home into this century.
One of her least favorite things was the "hideous fabric" that seemed to cover every surface. She opted for a bold, striped fabric that resulted in a much more contemporary look.
Her new home is filled with seating, making it perfect for entertaining, despite its small size.
The bunk beds are perfect for the kids and can be easily made invisible by folding them up or drawing the magenta IKEA curtains shut.
The previous flooring was composed of dated linoleum tiles and a designer's worst nightmare — carpet. Ruthie replaced it with this convincing "wood plank" vinyl and a few modern area rugs.
Before, the fridge door was the same wood paneling as the cabinets. It was completely necessary to block out that design choice and black out the new door.
The tiny plastic sink was replaced with a larger porcelain alternative. Of course, the old Formica countertop also had to be replaced.
The bathroom is small, but perfect for cleaning up after a long day of hiking.
While the "master bedroom" might be snug, it looks so much better with a fresh coat of paint and a fun pattern for the bedspread.
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