This family gets to explore America the right way: With a freshly remodeled RV

After relocating to North America from Germany, this couple decided that the best way to explore their new country was by hitting the road. After purchasing a 31' Fleetwood Prowler, it was almost time to set off, but first, some changes had to occur. The original interior of their trailer was pretty generic: lots of brown, ancient wallpaper, and grass-green carpet. We know what you're thinking: "Oh no" is right.
In order to make it attractive for both them and the kids, the couple first had to bring the design into 2016 and out of the carpeted world of the 1990s. There is nothing that a few coats of white won't fix. After painting the whole interior and installing some new floors, the camper looked as good as new.
That green carpet is an interior designer's worst nightmare. Is that the same color we are noticing above the windows as well? Yvonne immediately knew what she had to do.
Looking a million times better, right? It is amazing how much surfaces and materials affect the way we perceive a space. This doesn't look like the same room we just saw stuck in 1997.
White is a very suiting color for this kitchen. It gives the room a clean, open, and airy quality that it previously lacked.
The dinette was covered in a fun fabric that the kids would be sure to love.
The parents' bedroom comes with an incredible amount of storage space so they don't have to leave home feeling as if they couldn't fit something on the trip.
The bathroom is on the small side, but the family makes up for it with tons of creative organizational techniques.
The best part is, the kids have these awesome bunk beds and an amazing space to call their own.
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