You must take a look inside this adorable hand-built camper: It even has a bathroom

If you've ever dreamed of traveling the country with a trailer hitched to the back of your car, you're going to be pleasantly surprised at all you can get out of a tiny teardrop. This camper, designed by Greg and Lisa Patterson of Classy Chassis Campers, not only boasts tons of style, it's fully customizable.
Inside this 10 foot space, they've renovated the trailer to be beachy, girly, bright and fun. But apart from the design, it has everything you need. This is a deluxe model with a full kitchen – and yes, an entire bathroom. The banquette is for eating and relaxing during the day, and at night you can pull it out into a bed. You're not going to believe they fit all of that inside this teardrop, so take the tour and see for yourself.
From the exterior, you can already tell this camper is going to have a girly side. Yet we love how the pink is powdery and not overpowering.
When you step inside the trailer, you're standing right in front of the tiny, yet totally functional kitchen. You can also see that the builders have used white with pops of saturated color to make the space feel bright and open.
The banquette is beachy, girly, and so much fun. We love how the gray countertop pops against all the white – and the throw pillows really make the space feel homey.
The banquette provides plenty of storage. There're shelves right next to it, and the banquette itself can seat four people snugly.
What is also great about this teardrop trailer are the big, beautiful windows. These let in tons of natural light and help keep the space from feeling as small as it really is.
Plus, the attention to detail in this corner alone is enough to blow you away. Everything from the curtains to the wall decorations was hand-picked and designed.
The kitchen is clean, white, and of course it boasts pops of color. We love the stainless steel countertop here too because it's not only easy to care for, it looks really modern and chic.
As if this teardrop wasn't already checking off everything on your list, it also has a bathroom complete with a toilet and shower. Absolutely amazing for such a small space.
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