Spend time in a gorgeous park model: Its eye-popping interior walls are a real treat

Welcome to the most beautiful resort community on the Oregon coastline. This dazzling setting, with jaw-dropping views of the coast's sheer cliffs and crashing waves, is one that most of us could only dream of living in.
Although a mansion by the sea is out of the budget for most, park models in the Whaleshead Beach Resort offer a more wallet-friendly option for vacationers. You can rent gorgeous wood cabins and park models, and those with pets will be happy to know that you can bring your furry friend along for a small fee.
Talk about a killer view! It's like the community has been plopped down into the middle of a forest. The mountain ranges here give each park model a breathtaking view of the shoreline and surrounding area.
A stylish contemporary living room is clean and bright. In fact, the entire park model is squeaky clean, not a single thread out of place.
Cozy is definitely the theme of this kitchen. Its delightful décor and multitude of cupboards will make you feel right at home, and the built-in glass cabinets are gorgeous. There's also a skylight for those perfect mornings where there's a light, misty drizzle. You can watch the raindrops bead on the skylight; you'll feel all toasty and warm inside.
Blue and green tiles add some quirky coloring to the bathroom, almost like a contemporary beach house style is emerging.
When it's time to get some well-needed rest, the spacious bedroom is waiting with a full bed that you can have all to yourself.
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