This cute little park model has the most darling living room setup – with a special surprise

This glimmering white Oregon park model is so sugary sweet that you'll want to eat it up. As if through no effort of its own, this property has turned itself into the perfect country cottage.
It's not just the outside that's whimsical; the interior has been transformed into a unique space that more closely resembles a lakeside haven than a regular park model. It's unconventional, nontraditional and oh so darling!
Large sliding glass doors lead into a living room dressed in nautical themes and cozy cottage plaid and polka dots. It's a modern take on classic wicker furniture that uses daybeds in place of a sofa and lounge chair. It looks plenty comfy to us!
The dining area has a gorgeous electric fireplace. You can see how the owners utilized the top of the windows for more storage and display space. Clever!
In keeping with the clean lines and white aesthetic, the kitchen appliances have been chosen to match. A lovely gas burner stove, microwave and large fridge are big enough for two.
Speaking of being “big enough for two,” this park model comes with an income opportunity. An extra room is being used as a second bedroom for a rental space. Park approval is needed, but it could very well earn you a few extra hundred dollars per month.
The master bedroom gets a big boost from a beautiful Thomas Kinkade painting, and just look at the cute little corner shelf! Absolutely adorable!
The dresser mirror is another highlight of this room, and it has all the nostalgia of a full boudoir.
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