Take an in-depth tour of the Camp-Inn teardrop: It's packed full of clever features

With a curved, stainless design reminiscent of the teardrop trailers of the 1930's and 1940's, this teardrop will surprise you with it's modern and luxurious amenities.
Handcrafted by the folks at Camp Inn, their teardrops are meticulously designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. The stainless body is extremely weather resistant, and the stunning birch wood interior is both solid and exquisite. This trailer is outfitted with modern amenities like running water and lights, as well as ample storage and a big comfy bed. Take the tour and see for yourself.
The attention to detail is phenomenal in this tiny tear drop. Each window slides open and comes equipped with a bug screen and a curtain to keep the sun out.
An additional feature of the door is a zip-up screen like a camping tent. That way, if you want to keep the door open all night and let a cool breeze in, you can do so without getting the pesky bugs inside.
Storage is another major component of these trailers. One model has these two doors which open up to deep wooden cabinets. The doors are outfitted with stainless steel hinges, and magnets to keep the doors shut when you need them.
Another storage option is to have this drop-down cabinet opening. This allows for ample storage space in the back, and room to place your drinks, books, or even a laptop for movie watching.
In the back, there's a big beautiful kitchen. It comes with a pristine stainless steel countertop, hard birch wood drawers and storage shelves, as well as a sink and kitchen appliances that are marine grade.
Be sure to check out the video below for a full tour of this incredible little teardrop.
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