Simple, compact trailer has a secret purpose you will never see coming – take a look

If you're an all-around outdoorsman, this trailer is everything you didn't even know you wanted, or was possible. The German designers and engineers at Sealander have created this incredible little camper that's part teardrop, part boat. Yep, you read that right.
This tiny camper attaches to the back of your car for all your camping needs – but when you decide to go out for a boating expedition, swim, or fishing trip, you can just as easily attach the motor and let the Sealander take you away.
You're not going to believe how multifunctional and beautiful this little trailer is - to take the tour and see for yourself!
Check this out: All you have to do is attach the boat motor to the back of the Sealander and it's ready to take on water. The best part is you're not going to need any special license to operate it in the water either. Just hook up, go, and enjoy the ride.
Made out of incredibly modern - and stunning - lightweight materials, the Sealander effortlessly floats in the water. This also means it's easy to tow behind your car for all your land-based adventures too.
The Sealander has been nicknamed a little floating yacht - and it's hard to argue with that when you see it like this. The curves are spectacular, the windows wide and beautiful, and we love how you can open the hatch up in the back - as well as pull the sunroof up in the front.
Inside the Sealander looks just as incredible. It's sleek, modern, and looks like a million bucks. We adore the curves and the contrast of that rich wood against the stark white body.
From here you can see the great amount of space inside this little trailer and boat. The banquette benches are perfect for sitting around and eating or lounging - both on the water or overlooking a mountain range.
Of course, you can sleep right inside this floating little teardrop trailer too. The table and banquette benches fold down into a big comfy bed. Imagine pulling the sunroof down and watching the stars from there - just dreamy!
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