Tiny teardrop may look like a tight fit, but surprising transformation makes it a winner

Teardrop lovers adore how these tiny little trailers can pack so much usefulness into such a small space. There's ingenuity in the fact that even the most simple models can fit beds and eating areas inside such a tiny and oddly shaped trailer.
There's also sheer amazement when these tiny trailers can fit everything from a kitchen to a bathroom. But this teardrop trailer by Safari Condo is unlike anything you've ever seen because it expands into a bigger and even more practical and compact space. Take the tour and see the incredible space for yourself.
To achieve the spaciousness that this teardrop trailer provides, you have to pop up the roof – just like a pop-up trailer. It's a simple concept but one that is rare in a teardrop. This is one of the most practical uses of this technology, as these teardrops can be not only small but short with no head room.
Look at all that incredible headroom! Plus, the pop-up roof allows for tons of natural light to flood the room. This no longer feels like a tiny sleeping space but a full-sized trailer where you can truly live comfortably.
Check out that kitchen. The design is so clean and modern – and it boasts all the essentials a kitchen needs. There's a sink, a two-burner stove and a mini fridge. It's a real luxury for a teardrop.
To the side of the kitchen rests a banquette area. Here you can pull up a laptop and search the Internet or just enjoy a morning cup of joe. It's a great little nook to sit back and relax in.
But that's not all this space is good for. The table and benches transform into another bed. A second sleeping area is a real rarity and luxury for a teardrop trailer.
On the other side of the kitchen is the living space. There is a big, beautiful couch – perfect for sitting back and soaking in the incredible views all around. With the vaulted roof, this area really feels open and spacious.
Of course, there's more than meets the eye. You can pull out a table, transforming the living room into a cozy dining room for you and your guests.
With just a few more adjustments, the living and dining area turns into the master suite. This big bed provides a view of the stars at night and plenty of room for sprawling out.
This teardrop really has it all, including a toilet. This teardrop trailer officially checks off nearly the entire list – making it an extremely practical investment.
Be sure to check out the video below for an up-close and personal tour of this incredible piece of design.
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Resources Safari Condo and New Atlas