Don't judge this trailer by its shabby exterior: The remodeled interior is top-notch

Planning a trip to Seattle? What better way to spend your vacation than staying in an authentic, vintage Airstream perfectly remodeled to suit your everyday needs? This 1975 Airstream Tradewind will complete the travel stories you tell to your friends upon your return.
Available to book via Airbnb, this Seattle guesthouse might make purchasing an Airstream for yourself a top priority. Despite its small size, it provides all the main functions you need in a house. You'll also enjoy this Airstream's prime location, which has easy access to both the beach and downtown Seattle.
This living room is the ideal place to unwind at the end of the day, kick back with a book or tune in to your favorite TV show.​
The kitchenette is equipped with a coffeepot, microwave and toaster oven for cooking when you are not out enjoying the local food.
The cozy bedroom features two twin beds so each guest can enjoy some personal space.
There is even a flat screen television in the bedroom.
The best part about this guest house is its amazing bathroom. With a full-size toilet, brand-new floors and extra storage, you'll feel right at home.
The tile work in the shower is stunning.
You even get a private patio, excellent for waking up and enjoying a hot cup of that local Seattle brew.
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