Meet the Rowells – a family that traded house and yard for full-time RV living

Meet the Rowells: A family of four who set out on a three-year journey to travel the country, living full-time in an RV. After purchasing their Open Range Light trailer, they decided to embark on "The Light Life," aiming to share their experiences and insights with others. The Rowells left their big house and former lives behind so that they could share new experiences with their children and have more time to spend with one another. With those goals in mind, the family reached great success.
Rachel writes on her blog, "We have 983,094 million pictures to prove the myriad of experiences that we had in just a short span of time." But of course, packing up and hitting the road isn't always that easy. First, the family had to tear out, paint and customize the interior of their trailer before it could truly become home. Although there are always challenges when adapting to a new lifestyle, Rachel attests – and you can see it below – that the good by far outweighs the bad.
In her blog, Rachel mentions that she is notorious for becoming bored, leading her to change the paint color in her house quite often. With all of her home decorating experience, an RV makeover was the perfect project. ​
The family wanted the RV to feel bright and fresh due to the fact that they homeschool their children. As you can see, they painted over the dark cabinets with whites and grays to open up the space for a more positive atmosphere.
After painting all of the cabinets, they used a course sandpaper to distress them and achieve a shabby chic look.
The bunkhouse renovation was a huge success for the kids. Their daughter, Olivia, says her new space is very cozy. Not to mention, those built in bookshelves are amazing and are perfect storage for her most precious belongings.
The Rowells are quick to admit that tiny bathrooms aren't exactly "the most glam part of RV life" but they did eventually get used to the lifestyle change.
Good news is, this huge kitchen makes up for any space lost with the tiny bathroom. With that full-size fridge and all of that counter space, it looks like it belongs in an "actual" house.
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