Park model with massive enclosed porch features a dream kitchen

We adore park models with cathedral ceilings. The lofted framework creates an atmosphere of openness that feels as spacious as the Notre Dame itself, but there's something else about this park model that's caught our eye.
This 2009 Connecticut park model is like-new, and it sports a massive enclosed porch that adds a significant amount of square footage to the property. You'll never have to spend your evenings being bitten up by mosquitoes again!
There's ample seating at each end for you and your guests. We could see ourselves sipping a glass of chardonnay, gazing out at the surrounding forest and watching fireflies light up the night.
The porch even has composite hardwood floors that look like the real thing.
The spectacular kitchen has rich mahogany cabinets, a large double sink with shelving on either side, and a gas burner stove for cooking. Space above the cabinets provides more storage options for decorations or dishes.
A darling dining area in the open plan park model makes breakfast time a real treat. An extra dining space/breakfast bar has been attached to two strong pillars that reach the ceiling, giving this park model the air of a mansion.
Why have a chandelier when you can have a pan rack? It certainly saves you space in your cupboards, and it looks amazing to boot.
This cozy corner is just right for lounging after a delicious dinner.
A modestly-sized bedroom has built-in dressers and a queen bed to keep you comfortable.
Ready to soar to lofty heights? The stand-up loft has enough space for another bedroom along with its large entertainment center and sitting area.
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