Take a peek at this seemingly standard teardrop – the front hatch is hiding a true dream

Teardrops are all the rage right now for their compact design, ease and versatility. The Silver Tears Campers are especially impressive, however, because of their incredibly detailed, customized designs and the fact that two of their trailers are practically bars on wheels!
You can tell that each trailer has been handcrafted and designed just for its buyer. All too often, trailers come off the factory line ready to be used by just about anyone. But teardrops are made to order, and that sets them apart from other campers.
So take the tour and see all the amazing amenities and details fitted into these little campers. You won't believe it!
This camper is called the Tailgater – and you can probably see why. The hatch opens up and displays a beautiful bar that holds bottles, chills drinks and essentially kicks off the party. You've probably never seen anything like this before, but you might love having one of these in the parking lot at the next big game.
Check out that bar! It looks like something you'd find at any fine dining establishment, but instead it's attached to the back of your very own little teardrop. Just imagine the parties you could kick off with that kind of equipment. ​
This is the Evening Flight Model, which also boasts an incredible, state-of-the-art stainless steel grill. As if the bar's not enough, you can also give your guests the ultimate mouth-watering food experience on the go.
From here, you can see just how much storage the company has packed into the Evening Flight teardrop. Not only does the bar have room for bottles and drinks, but it also has ideal storage solutions for everything you need to bring along for your trip, party or celebration.
It's not all about drinks and fun, though. The inside of the Tailgater is like any other – a beautiful retreat to kick back and relax (or rest your weary head after one too many).
Also, check out that glossy, zebra-lined wood on the teardrop's exterior. This wood is absolutely stunning and shows the kind of care and craftsmanship put into this little trailer.
A fur blanket, leather pillows and wooden walls – you might mistake the interior of this teardrop for a rustic cabin retreat. It's the perfect place to rest, relax and sleep after hosting a big tailgate (pun intended).
Finally, notice the attention to detail. Everything was thought of in advance, including the card holder for late-night games. The leather is worn and soft, and the silver buttons add a hint of sparkle.
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