Take a look at a completely remodeled 1959 teardrop and the gorgeous surprise that comes with

If you're a teardrop lover, you've probably imagined yourself driving one around in the heyday — back in the 1930s through the 1950s. In those days, these little campers were all the rage, and today we're starting to remember why.
Imagine not only driving around and camping with one of these little teardrops but also hitching it to the back of an incredible state-of-the-art sports car of the time. That's what one New England restoration company did, and the end results are amazing. Take a walk down memory lane by checking out the pictures below.
The incredibly rich, deep honey-colored wood really makes this space feel like a cozy retreat. There's plenty of storage for all your things, plus you automatically feel right at home when stepping inside.
Newly installed lights now hover over the bed, illuminating the space. There are also two doors with windows to let in plenty of natural light when available.
Check out this kitchen! Fully remodeled and absolutely stunning, this hatchback kitchen has everything you need. There's an ice chest and a working sink, plus the finishes are beautiful and modern. We love the contrast of the stainless steel and the rich, warm wood.
What makes this teardrop even more special is the car that tows it. Check out that 1959 Mercedes Benz! The two look made for one another — both with their sleek black exteriors and chrome finishes. What a beautiful combination.
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