Bold blue park model has retractable awnings and a surprise bonus room

Even when the skies are gloomy in Dade City, Florida, this spacious park model shines bright. The astonishing shade of sky blue really stands out on the street in a good way, but it's not just the color of the exterior that's turning heads.
Number 36 Robin Court has what's called a Florida room (in Florida? No way!). If you're wondering what the difference between a Florida room and an Arizona room is, there isn't any; they're simply different names for a sunroom. The only visual difference that we can tell is that this one's windows are slightly smaller than your average sunroom.
A unique point of the house is its retractable awnings. For those extra hot days when the strong rays of the sun are shunned, these awnings help to keep the park model cool.
A small deck outside lets you have a cozy cup of morning coffee.
There's also a concrete patio area in the back of the house for entertaining in the shade.
Sweet vintage accents on the furniture create a warm atmosphere. This is retro done right, especially with that accent table. Darling!
The kitchen and dining areas have a nice burst of red to brighten up an otherwise ho-hum space. A generous sideboard is perfect for a coffee nook or room for extra decorations.
There are not one, but two bathrooms. The first has a simple half-bath with a toilet and sink.
The second has a nicely-sized stand-up shower and all of the usual fixings.
To match the red décor in the kitchen, a bold color scheme in the bedroom makes this space a great feature to show off. Despite not having a proper door, the rich tones of the chocolate brown curtain make it feel very private.
This is the (very tasteful) Florida room. It's a long stretch from one end to the other, and you would be able to have a nice dinner party out here without getting too baked in the sunshine.
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