Check out 'Magellan,' this family's own vacation camper on a budget – and its cozy interior

Used to tiny spaces, the couple behind the blog The Pursuit of Life packed up their belongings from their San Francisco digs and ventured out into the wilderness – and the world of teardrop trailers.
Like many who fall in love with this little campers, Jackie and Ryan didn't know much about teardrops until they started looking for camping options that would fit in their budget and be easy to tow behind their Subaru Outback. "They are perfect if you want something compact, efficient and easy... Lucky for us, it’s exactly what we were looking for... and something that we could leave behind during the day for exploring areas nearby in just the car," Jackie wrote on the blog.
So, the couple grabbed their pooch Coconut and headed on the journey of a lifetime out west. Take the tour of their beautifully customized teardrop by TreeLine, and follow along on some of their incredible adventures below.
This is the kitchen of the teardrop belonging to the cross-country-trekking couple Jackie and Ryan. They've taken advantage of all the nooks, crannies, and space provided in the back of the hatch here. Fitting everything from an ice chest to a stove, and all their cooking utensils.
The couple says the ice chest is so efficient it can go nearly a week before needing to be refilled with new ice!
Inside, the couple says the teardrop fits a mattress that's somewhere between a full and a queen - admittedly bigger than the one they have at home in their apartment! The duo also notes it comfortably fits Ryan who is over 6 feet tall.
Look how cozy Jackie looks! Right by the window is the perfect spot to kick back and relax after a long day of off-roading. So, grab a glass of wine, open the doors and windows, admire the view around you - and thank your little teardrop for helping you get there.​
A great addition to this teardrop that we don't see all that often is this big awning. It's a simple add-on, but it really adds a ton of valuable living space to the tiny teardrop. This is a great spot to escape the hot sun, or just relax as the rain falls around you.
Finally, this is what Jackie and Ryan love so much about their teardrop - the fact that it is easily towable, compact, and has everything they need and nothing more. With its small and lightweight design, a teardrop was the perfect choice for this adventurous couple on the trip of a lifetime.
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