Enjoy the solitude in comfort with the Vistabule: The doors are hiding a great surprise

Teardrops are renowned for their tiny frames and versatility. But one company is taking this idea even further by coming up with some new creative solutions to make tiny, and on the road, living much easier and more comfortable.
Inside the teardrop trailer by Vistabule, you'll be surprised that there's room for a couch, dining space, and even a big kitchen with all the storage and appliances you could ask for. So take the tour and check out this tiny and totally functional trailer.
First, take a look at this big beautiful kitchen. We love hatch kitchens because they allow for ample space for both storage and cooking. But here they've gone the extra mile to install these canvas sides to keep bugs out - and even a window for the top of the hatch to let extra light into the space.
From here you can also see this kitchen is decked out in drawers, shelves, a sink, and a stove top - so you can do all the home cooking you'd like.
At first, the inside of this teardrop looks great - but pretty standard. They've got space for a big bed, lots of great lighting and some nice beautiful windows. And, see that at the foot of the bed? That's an air conditioner for those hot, sticky, summer nights.
But what's even better about this space is the fact that the bed folds up into a couch. This means you no longer have to rely on outdoor space for relaxing - you can also get some great support, and rest by kicking back here.
Along with a couch that pulls up from the bed, this multifunctional space also boasts a dining table! This is the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon snack, a big meal, or simply play cards on a rainy day.
Another great feature to this tiny teardrop is the addition of these fold-out tables on the doors. This means you can sit inside and have a little nightstand next to your side of the bed, or a perfectly pretty spot to place a glass of wine and watch the sunset.
Finally, there's the headboard. Teardrops are known for their great storage space despite a lack of real space themselves. Here, they've built in these deep shelves so you can store your clothes, household items, and gear.
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