Take a look at the plentiful décor within this pristine, illuminated park model

A comfortable retirement is just a phone call away! We found the perfect park model for those 55 and over in Yuma, Arizona. The Yuma Venture 55+ retirement park has a slew of amenities (dances, shuffleboard, a sauna and more) that will make your days fly right by.
This fully-furnished park model comes with a special surprise in the back, but we'll get to that a bit later. Right now, you're probably eyeing the spacious porch and glassy white exterior. We can't say that we blame you!
The porch comes with beautiful stone tiling, and it stretches to nearly the length of the park model. There's also a nice railing to make it feel more enclosed without obstructing your view.
Tall bay windows reach up to the apex of the vaulted ceilings to let loads of natural light in. The plush blue carpet looks like it would feel fantastic on your feet.
Yet another large window sits in the dining area, along with a lovely chandelier. The mirror on the counter just below the cabinets gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. You won't feel cramped when sitting down here.
Is that a sunlight above the kitchen? Yep! It seems there are endless sources of natural light in this cozy park model. Don't you just love the light color of the cabinets? It makes everything seem that much brighter.
Well, this is rather fancy. The sliding glass doors on the shower are gilded with gold metal.
The bedroom looks like it came straight out of a seaside villa. Cool sea foam green and a pink satin pillow match nicely on the generous queen-sized bed.
The special surprise is the large patio area that serves as this park model's backyard. You could fit a barbecue and several guests if you wanted to, and the solar lanterns on the storage shed will illuminate any parties come evening.
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