Enter a welcoming park model with the loveliest kitchen and extra surprise within

The familiar sight of palm trees lining a street with gravel lawns should tell you where we are. That's right – Arizona! Cities like Mesa are a mecca for retirement communities, but we're headed to Apache Junction this time.
This 1992 park model may be older than most, but it has a classic style with a lot to offer. We've seen some firm foundations in our time, but the sturdy brick walls of the enclosed patio are pretty amazing. It's not something you commonly see on park models, and it adds a bit of a rustic touch that blends nicely with the exterior paint.
As you can see, the patio is a decent size. There's a door at the back of the patio that leads out to a grill. Your guests can sit comfortably inside the enclosure while you rustle up dinner.
The living room is fairly standard for a park model, but the laminate wood floors give it a big boost. Who doesn't love hardwood floors, even if they're not actual hardwood?
Ooh, those light maple cabinets look rather nice, as does the vintage chandelier hanging above the dining area.
A clean white kitchen with a large double sink brightens up the space even more.
As per usual, the bathroom has a shower/tub combo with a sliding glass door.
A large queen bed fits perfectly between the two nightstands, also in the lovely light maple wood. There is an additional room in this park model that makes it beat out all the rest. Would you like to see?
A laundry room? In a park model? Fantastic! It doesn't matter who you are; the convenience of having your own laundry room, especially one as large as this, means fewer trips back and forth from the clubhouse.
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