Peek inside a hand-built teardrop trailer – the colorful interior is worth a look

This handcrafted teardrop trailer is made to look like a classic from the 1930's. Decked out in English oak, 1939 reproduction Ford fenders, and porthole windows - this little teardrop is ready to take you on a ride back in time. So get in!
Inside, this little trailer is a whopping 6'2" with a big bed, plenty of storage, and a cozy interior. Plus, the hatch of the teardrop opens up to a fully functional kitchen with a stovetop, ice chest, and cabinets for all your cooking needs. Take a peek inside this little teardrop!
Check out that vintage body! We love the grainy English oak that's covering this teardrop - and look at those fenders. The entire look of this teardrop is classic, timeless and is sure to turn heads cruising down the highway.
The bed compartment of the teardrop is cozy yet spacious. Measuring in at 6 feet 2 inches there's plenty of room in here to sprawl out after a day on the road, or adventuring.
The hatch opens up to reveal a beautiful little kitchen. Packed with beautifully stained drawers for storage, as well as separate areas for a stovetop and ice chest - this kitchenette has everything you need for gourmet cooking on the go.
Up close you can see the attention to detail in this little kitchen. The cabinets are stained this beautiful sea green - adding a real beautiful touch of color and uniqueness.
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