Take a tour of a fully restored trailer: Its warm interior has a perfect color scheme

If you're looking for a funky, eclectic retreat from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, you're going to want to check out this totally renovated 1960s Airstream in Venice.
Besides boasting a convertible bed, and a great kitchen and bathroom - it's the design and property that really make this Airstream stand out. The inside is totally modern and fresh but with a 60s flair, and the garden is filled with potted plants, lawn chairs and fairy lights for sitting outside with a cool drink at night.
If this awesome Airstream kind of looks familiar, it's because we've featured this property before in this article showcasing the owner's other camper. So, take the tour and see what the newest addition to their funky bespoke trailer park is all about.
The Airstream has its original cabinets, stained in this stunningly rich color that pops against the curved white walls. Then there's a little breakfast nook with newly upholstered cushions and the original stainless drop down table.
The kitchen is fully functional and updated - we love the new appliances and fixtures that give the space a modern feel amongst the vintage bones.
Off of the kitchen is the living space which has big beautiful windows and plenty of storage. There's both cabinets overhead and a full-sized closet!
Plus, this couch pulls out into a bed at night - saving space during the day when you're hanging out.
Just 15 yards (13.7 meters) from the Airstream is this vintage outdoor bathroom. It's big, beautiful, and despite being outside, totally private. Imagine taking a bath while listening to the birds chirp!
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