Brand-new 2017 Little Guy teardrop has loads of custom options

Gone are the days when road trips had to be spent in discomfort. We all remember camping in the backseat of a car or truck at some point. Let's just say that's not how to get the best night's sleep. Teardrop trailers have changed all that due to the variety of options and spacious interiors they provide.
Little Guy, one of the most popular brands of teardrop trailers, has a new 2017 TAB U MAX model, featured at Folsom Lake RV in Rancho Cordova, California. This model lets you really make the trailer your own. Optional features include additional windows added to the front and side, allowing for more natural light, which makes the trailer seem even bigger.
The large U-shaped dining area seats quite a few people, and it converts into a sleeping area that is 70 by 73 inches (178 by 185 cm) — one of the biggest you can get! Even taller people can rest comfortably on the ample bed space.
Hinges on the table let you position the table as you need it, perhaps as a work area for your laptop. Not that you'd be working on a vacation — would you? You also have plenty of storage space in the cupboards for any supplies you bring with you.
You have a lovely large window when you're cooking breakfast in the morning on your two-burner stovetop. There's also a three-way cooler for drinks and perishables. A handy A/C unit control to the left of the sink lets you adjust the temperature. The trailer also includes a portable potty and corner closet for clothing storage.
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