Meet 'Silvia Travelcan,' an elegantly renovated Avion with two bedrooms

Some people believe that the more you have in life, the more fulfilled you will feel. This family aims to express quite the opposite and wants to show the world that simplicity is key. Niki is the writer, photographer and mom in charge of the blog Living Less, and she and her husband Travis have set out to prove that you don't need to have more stuff to live a life with value.
To put their ideas into action, the couple decided to downsize and simplify. They began looking at different alternative lifestyles, most notably a little something we know by the name of tiny living. After weighing their options, they decided to purchase and renovate a vintage Avion travel trailer, which they lovingly named Silvia Travelcan.
Niki had not only a grand vision for their new lifestyle but an even more fantastic concept for the design of it all. Describing her interests as "industrial + vintage + boho + eclectic + Native American," she and her husband began on their eclectic renovations.
Almost every surface of this kitchen was altered, including the tile, counter, sink and color. You would never be able to tell the actual age of this trailer.
The Avion is known as a trailer that has tons of space and tons of storage. Functionally, Silvia was in great shape; she just needed to be brightened up a bit.
Silvia makes traveling with kids a breeze. They love having their own private bedroom.
Despite being the smallest rooms in the house, bathrooms are often the most work. Almost everything in the room needed to be updated, from the shower to the counter and even the floor. We love the elegant simplicity of this bathroom and how it is seamlessly integrates with the rest of Silvia's additions.
Next to the kitchen is the parent's "room." Originally, this would have been space for a sofa and a couple of chairs, but since they have two kids, a new concept unfolded. We think the result is absolutely perfect.
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