You'll hardly know you're towing anything with this feather-light teardrop trailer

The problem with trailers is that they're heavy. You practically have to have a monster truck to tow some of them, so those with smaller vehicles miss out on the trailer camping experience. That's why Winnebago has designed the Winnie Drop 1710.
This feather-light trailer weighs next to nothing when compared with its bulkier cousins. Although compact cars will still not be able to tow it, the range of compatible vehicles is opened up significantly. That means more camping fun for more people!
A tastefully modern kitchenette has plenty of storage space and a two-burner stove.
There's also storage under the sink for dishwashing supplies and cleaning tools.
The dinette can seat up to four people. You can also fold the table down and use the space for extra sleeping room.
The updated shower provides a private space that's large enough to bathe comfortably. It uses a sliding door for easy entry and exit.
A queen bed in the back of the trailer lets you stretch out and snooze peacefully.
Hungry for a midnight snack? The fridge is just outside the bedroom. You can munch on some late-night Doritos without disturbing your friends who are sleeping in the dining area.
The space underneath the bedroom has been hollowed out as an extra storage compartment. You can easily fit all of your camping gear in here!
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