Take a peek inside the Simple Sleeper: Its multifunctional interior is super convenient

Teardrop trailers are the go-to trailers for small, simple, and affordable travel. That's because these tiny spaces are transformative, functional, and easy to hitch up for an adventure just about anywhere - making them some of the hottest trailers to purchase these days.
This little teardrop trailer below was handbuilt in Florida for the savvy traveler. It comes with a living room that pulls down into a bed, a functioning kitchen, and the lightweight design to go on just about any exploration.
Take the tour and see how a tiny teardrop could transform camping, and traveling for you.
First up is the outdoor kitchen attached to the hutch. There's ample counter space, the cabinets provide plenty of storage space for all your food and supplies, and there's even a working sink for washing up at the end of the meal.
The inside of this teardrop trailer is lined in a beautiful, light colored wood that keeps the space feeling open and airy. The builders have also added in extra storage cabinets and a luxurious air conditioner for those hot, sticky nights.
Plus, you cans ee from here that part of the bed folds up and tucks underneath the cabinets. This means during the day you can use the other half of the bed as a couch for lounging and relaxing.
But then you can easily fold down the rest of the bed, transforming this space into a cozy master suite when it's time for bed - or a nap!
From here you can also see how much head room they've provided - a feature often overlooked in these tiny teardrop trailers.
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