Come inside a beautifully renovated trailer: The colorful interior is a must-see

This bright and quirky trailer is jam-packed with vibrant colors, geometric patterns, DIY decor and creative vibes. If you are looking for a fun and unique lodging experience, look no further than the Manoushe Trailer at the Janky Acres compound in Yucca Valley, California.
Janky Acres is truly a one-of-a-kind desert wonderland. The best part is, the owners of this trailer list all of their rooms for rent on Airbnb. This out-of-the-ordinary travel trailer has been lovingly remodeled in a beautifully eclectic style, a colorful look that highly contrasts the natural colors of the desert. The spacious camper can comfortably accommodate four and has bunk beds that would be perfect for kids.
It is impossible to be bored when you are in this trailer; there are just so many things to look at!
The hosts, David and Ursula, definitely wanted to channel the bold, geometric patterns of the American Southwest in the trailer's look.
Why settle for a plain, old brown dinette table when it could be converted into a giant piece of collage art?
In fact, this whole trailer is a work of art. Just admire the kitchen's mismatched tilework.
The bathroom is pretty large, too, showing that this trailer is just as functional as it is beautiful.
The private master bedroom has big windows with amazing views of the desert.
Last but not least, what kid (or adult) doesn't love bunk beds?
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