Take a tour of this welcoming model's warm interiors and enjoy its roomy kitchen

If you want your home to look super fancy, leather is definitely the way to go. There's something about the cool touch of leather that makes you feel like a billionaire in a hilltop mansion, even if you're roughing it in only 400 square feet of space.
Rincon Country West park models have all the modern amenities you could ask for, and number 967 has stepped it up a notch by offering affordable luxury living that includes leather furniture. Not only that, but it comes with updated appliances that will knock your socks off.
There's nothing quite like the rich tones of mahogany to transform your park model into a palace. These leather chairs, paired with stone tile flooring and vaulted ceilings, are everything you've been searching for in a vacation home.
Soft maple cabinets provide a pleasant contrast to the living room's darker tones. The entertainment center to the right of the kitchen is equipped with a built-in storage cabinet for all of your favorite movies. The kitchen itself is a lovely galley style with a large double sink and gas burner stove.
Green room lighting adds a bit of glamour to the bathroom. The R33 ceiling insulation keeps the bathroom toasty warm on cold nights, so you won't have to freeze when you step out of the shower.
Imagine sleeping in this comfortable queen bed every night. While you snooze away in the lap of luxury, you'll dream about the incredible amount of storage space in and on top of the cabinets above the bed. The soft light of the twin nightstand lamps will soothe you into the best 8-hour slumber of your life.
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