Meet 'The Silver Bettie': A fabulously colorful tribute to life in the 1950s

When most people think about traveling in the fabulous fifties, the iconic, silver Airstream comes to mind. The Airstream's streamlined, aluminum shell symbolized an era of rapidly changing technology and new ways of living. But the Airstream wasn't the only luxury caravan of its day. Its larger, more rectilinear relative was the Spartan. Manufactured from the late forties to the early sixties, the Spartan is now just as symbolic of the atomic era as its well-known cousin.
This particular Spartan Royal Manor was crafted in 1955 and is still very much an authentic representation of its time. It is available to rent through Airbnb for anyone longing to experience some good, retro fun. Located in the breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, this destination is perfect for those seeking an adventurous camping experience while also living in total comfort.
Everything about this camper is a blast from the past. We love the sparing use of color against the clean, white walls, allowing all the small details to really pop.
The kitchen is large and open and has everything you need to cook. How many opportunities do you get to wash dishes in a turquoise sink?
The focal point of the kitchen is this fully restored 1950s Philco refrigerator. They don't make them quite like this anymore.
The living room is warm and cozy. Despite the style of this Spartan, modern technology has been incorporated for your convenience. Tune into your favorite show or curl up and watch a good movie.
In the bathroom, you can examine the original wood paneling that would have covered the whole interior of the Spartan back in the day. However, the host performed some upgrades such as a new sink and contemporary subway tiles for the shower.
The master bedroom is a perfect time capsule, allowing you to experience the camper as it would have existed when it was first constructed. The fine craftsmanship of the warm, wood paneling is archetypal of Spartan design.
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