Take some time off in the beautiful azure Tranquil Trailer and its colorful interior

This azure-colored trailer looks like it was plucked from the pages of a vintage magazine -- but today, it serves as a tranquil retreat in Southern California. Located in the arid Santa Ynez region, this home boasts sweeping views of the Lompoc Valley that you can see from the trailer, the killer deck and Jacuzzi.
But it's the interior of this trailer that makes it truly unique. The teal color scheme continues inside with a stellar retro vibe that transports you back to another time. Check out this trailer and see it for yourself. Take the tour of this tranquil trailer and tell us what you think!
First off, check out that vintage kitchen! We love how they've kept the original cabinets intact but updated them with some fresh white paint and the signature teal blue.
They've also kept original features like the stove and oven but updated the feel of the kitchen with a modern faucet and beautiful glass tiles.
The tiny vintage kitchen opens right up into the living space. Here you can see the day bed and bunk up above -- totally maximizing space in this tiny teal trailer. We also love the addition of the black and white tiles. It's a clean and timeless look that really plays on the vintage feel of the trailer.
Here you get a better look at all the detail that went into this space. We love the built-in bedside table, the window shelf for books and storage, and how they've tied the entire space together with beautiful blues without going over the top.
The other end of the cabin has also received a facelift, and the cabinets and closets here have been brightened up with fresh paint. Having all that additional storage in such a small space is really a plus.
We can't talk about this property without taking a look at the amenities outside. Along with a beautifully designed and renovated trailer, you also get access to a big beautiful deck perched on the hillside for the best views. Better yet, the deck comes with a hot tub!
This is the perfect SoCal retreat to kick back and relax. Don't forget to share this beautifully renovated vintage trailer with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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