Two showers are better than one: Check out the placement of the second one

Nobody wants to feel cramped when they go camping. Thanks to Winnebago Industries, you don't have to sacrifice on space when towing your teardrop trailer. The Winnie Drop 1780 is a jumbo-sized teardrop trailer that's still lightweight enough for most medium- to large-size vehicles.
It's so big, in fact, that it has room for an extra special feature: a second shower! Yep, that's right: This teardrop has two showers. Talk about getting your money's worth.
The first shower is an outdoor one, so make sure there aren't any other campers around before you strip down to in the buff. Of course, you could always add a shower tent for a little privacy.
We're loving the large handle by the door. For the shorter among us, it can be difficult to get into a higher vehicle, so a helping hand goes a long way.
There's plenty of storage for extra cables, suitcases and more.
The dining area seats four and can be converted into extra sleeping space by folding the table down.
Okay, so this feature is pretty cool. The kitchen station slides out to make more room in the interior! When you need to cook, the two-burner stove gives you lots of space, and the bowl sink makes dishwashing easy.
The second shower is right next to the bedroom and includes a wet bath with a toilet.
Speaking of the bedroom, it has a queen-size bed. With plenty of head room, you'll be sleeping soundly without that awful claustrophobic feeling.
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