Take a ride in a shiny blue teardrop with surprisingly original interior flooring

Teardrop trailers are revered for their simplicity, but don't let their little spaces fool you. Teardrop trailers like the Merlin, by American Teardrop, may be small, but they can add a lot of functionality to camping or life on the road.
These trailers were specifically designed to look like the oldies back in the 1950s, but we love how the architects have added a twist to the design. Some, like the teardrop pictured above, have a blue stripe, while others have shiny, copper exteriors.
These trailers show real craftsmanship and creativity, so browse the gallery below to take a look!
Check out that amazing copper exterior! We can't get enough of this custom teardrop design; the copper contrasting with the black is very sharp.
This is the hatch of another Merlin trailer, this one keeping it simple with a plain exterior. But check out the checkered pattern flooring!
The kitchen is also simple, but it's designed with style and functionality in mind. The cabinets are made out of a beautiful golden-colored wood. The countertop is a sleek stainless steel, which adds to the high-end look and finishes that you'd expect from American Teardrop.
The inside of the teardrop is as roomy as it gets. The trailer fits a queen-sized bed, and the builders have also outfitted the trailer with some deep cabinets to stuff with all your clothing and gear.
Each side of the teardrop also has a door with a window installed, so you don't have to climb over your partner to get out in the morning.
Finally, this is what we love so much about these teardrops. You probably imagine them being towed behind a truck or an SUV, but these little trailers are so compact, your car can easily tow one along too.
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