Pop inside the Buzz teardrop and enjoy its ultra-compact frame and cozy interior

Weighing in at just 670 pounds (304 kilograms), this tiny teardrop trailer is the lightweight travel solution you've been looking for. No more blow-up mattresses, or pulling out the tent - this trailer is going revolutionize camping by making it easier than ever before.
This So-Cal teardrop was designed with simplicity in mind. It has a lightweight and lifelong-lasting wall-steel tubing and is mounted on a sturdy axle for a smooth ride. You can even outfit this teardrop with bigger wheels suited for more rough terrains.
This is the perfect solution for avid campers or those who know they'll enjoy the great outdoors all the more when they get to lay their head on a real mattress at night. Take the tour of this lightweight, simple, and sturdy little trailer and see for yourself.
This little teardrop doesn't come with a kitchen built into the hatch, but by doing so, its builders have saved space and weight. The simple design of this teardrop makes it perfectly versatile for trips just about anywhere - and you can also purchase an add-on for the front where you can place your grill or cooking equipment.
The inside of the teardrop has a big 4-inch-thick (10-centimeter) mattress to kick back and relax on after a long day, as well as tons of extra storage, fold-out shelves, and even outlets for your electronics.
The inside is a wonderful light golden-colored wood that keeps this small space feeling bright, and open. Here you can also get a good look at those deep cabinets and the fold-down hinges you can use to hold your stuff.
Check out this model here outfitted with the big wheels for rough terrain. This addition is going to make your already easy-to-tow trailer even better for the great outdoors.
Take a look at it in action here on the beach. Regular tires would have a hard time with the slippery wet sand, but the extra treads give the wheels the grip they need to pull this trailer along. You can really go almost anywhere with this little guy!
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