Tour this vintage Airstream and revel in the neat, efficient interior décor

Next time you are on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, take some time to travel inland a bit so you can experience the wonderful little town of Fairhope. Located on the shores of Mobile Bay, Fairhope is filled with just as many wonderful waterfront destinations as the Gulf Shores. Bring a bike, bring a boat, or simply just bring your bathing suit for a weekend of total beachside relaxation.
This adorable, vintage Airstream is available to book through Airbnb and is situated near a beautiful private lake in Fairhope. When you stay here, you will be surrounded by lovely gardens with tons of blueberries for you to pick for breakfast. The property also boasts some of the largest live oak trees in the area. You won't regret the warm southern hospitality you'll receive once you get here.
The lovely vintage interior of this Airstream has been updated with warm wood flooring, white walls, and little unique elements that give it tons of character.
The kitchen has been equipped with modern day appliances such as the full-size fridge and an updated cooktop, but we love how the hosts have maintained some of its retro charm.
This Airstream accommodates two and is perfect for a couple, solo traveler, or parent and child. Here is the main sleeping area but the living room's futon can also be used for sleeping.
The bathroom is beautiful and sunlit, making it even easier to wake up and get ready in the morning.
Take a big ole cup of joe outside to enjoy on a nice morning...
...the view is sure to impress.
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