Embrace the best craftsmanship on your travels thanks to the flawlessly designed Timberleaf trailer

This trailer is one of the most meticulously designed and crafted teardrop trailers we've shown you here. In fact, the woodworking throughout this little trailer alone might be the best yet. The folks at Timberleaf Trailers have truly outdone themselves - and the result might leave you feeling ready to indulge yourself with one of these beauties.
Of course, this teardrop trailer has all the essentials you need and would expect from this versatile little camper. It has a spacious sleeping compartment and a hatch that opens up into a big kitchen. But once again, it's the details that set this place apart, like the skylight or the specially designed cooler for the kitchen that's been outlined in the same Baltic Birch as the rest of the cabinetry.
First of all, check out that incredible little compact design all decked out in eye-popping orange. We love the contrast of the black, orange and that sleek, cool stainless steel. The look is edgy and sporty, and we can't get enough.
Take a look here at the big spacious kitchen that opens up with the hatch in the back. Even from far away you can see how top-of-the-line this kitchenette is. But another feature we love is all that lighting which is perfect for late night meals.
The kitchen has been hand crafted by the Timberleaf carpenters - and you can tell a great deal of time and attention has been spent on every corner and detail here.
The entire thing is made out of Baltic Birch, which is this light wheat color that really pops against the teardrop's orange siding and that green countertop.
An even closer look at the kitchen reveals more craftsmanship. Look at that leather handle on the cooler (which is totally custom-made for this kitchen, by the way). It's a stunning detail that really adds to the charm of this trailer.
Now it's time to take a look inside and see where you could be sleeping, and watching the stars. That's right - this teardrop has a beautiful skylight that bends with the curvature of the roof. The rest of the space also feels open and airy thanks to that beautiful birch siding and all those windows.
At the foot of the bed, you have more of those birch cabinets for storage, and a fan overhead to keep you cool on those warm summer nights. We also love how they've outfitted this trailer with additional windows besides those in the doors - a very unique touch.
You don't come across this kind of craftmanship much anymore, do you? Be sure to share this stunning trailer with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They won't want to miss it!