Explore the great outdoors in a bright little teardrop with the sweetest interior

If you're headed to Yosemite and have decided the tent life just isn't for you, glamping in a tiny teardrop is always an option. This little beauty is located in Mariposa, a town just outside the park, where it can easily hitch to the back of your car for a weekend away or a full-on adventure.
This teardrop trailer has a pretty interior for cozying up at night as well as a fully functioning kitchenette located under the back hatch. It's the perfect size to tow along as you adventure through one of our nation's great parks, and it provides you with all the amenities you'd miss if you were tenting.
Take a few minutes to tour this sweet little Yosemite teardrop trailer. You won't want to miss it!
From here you can see how compact this little teardrop is. That's what so great about these trailers: they have everything you need without everything you don't. There's a warm and cozy place to curl up at night and a kitchen for cooking — which you'll see in a minute — and it easily tows behind just about any car.
The inside of this teardrop is lined in this stunning wood, and we love how it curves with the teardrop roof. The queen-sized bed is also lined in pretty linens and covered with warm blankets. And despite the trailer's small size, all that natural light pouring in from the windows keeps it feeling pretty open.
In the back, this little teardrop opens up to a kitchenette packed with a stovetop, cabinets, shelves for all your stuff and a spot for a nice big cooler. Totally compact yet functional — that's what this little trailer is all about.
What a pretty little teardrop for some West Coast adventures! Don't forget to share this trailer with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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