Don't be fooled by its size: This renovated trailer's bright interior is a sight to see

Camping in the desert is always a treat because of its incredible landscape, peaceful atmosphere, and amazing star-gazing opportunities. However, sometimes it is hard to give up hot running water or tough out chilly nights spent in a tent. Luckily, there are some other awesome options when it comes to experiencing Joshua Tree National Park.
One of the best options out there is to rent out this cozy little Scamp trailer. You can book this cute "Camping Cubbyhole" on Airbnb for well under 100 dollars. Although you will have sufficient shelter, hot showers, and a cozy bed, you will still have an unforgettable outdoors adventure.
The interior of the Scamp has been brightened up with a fresh coat of white paint and sunny yellow curtains.
The kitchenette might be small, but don't think it won't get the job done. It is fully equipped with a gas burning stove, coffee maker, and mini fridge. Don't forget, you can always roast some marshmallows outside afterward!
The Scamp can fit up to four but would be extra roomy for two. While some RV campsites request that you do all of your sleeping inside the RV, this property is also great if you would like to bring your tent or sleep under the stars.
You will find a toilet and sink inside of the Scamp...
...but your hot showers will be enjoyed outside.
After a nice, warm shower, lie down and dry off in the hammock.
Did we mention the sunsets here are absolutely magical?
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