Invite the whole family to stay in a roomy trailer that can sleep up to 10

When it comes to large families, sometimes it can be hard to find lodgings that will accommodate every member. Rather than pay for two separate hotel rooms with the hopes that they are right next door to each other, try out a camper instead. Yes, a camper. Not all mobile spaces have to be small and cramped – in fact, this one in particular can fit up to 10 people.
If you are planning a trip to Jefferson, Oregon, you and your family can book this spacious Springdale camper on Airbnb for under 100 dollars a night. In the heart of Oregon Wine Country, this camper has everything you need to feel relaxed and entertained and with five beds, everyone will also be warm and comfortable.
This camper has a very open layout, so despite there being a lot of nooks and crannies and places for everyone to sleep, you can pretty much stand in the middle of the living room and see everything that is going on.
In the previous image, you saw two double-sized bunk beds, but pretty much every piece of furniture can be transformed into a bed somehow, including this huge dinette.
The fully furnished kitchen is great for keeping everyone happy and fed.
Everyone can gather around for a movie marathon complete with an awesome flat screen, Blu-ray, and surround sound speakers. The bedroom behind the television can be closed off for more privacy.
There may not be room for everyone in this bathroom, so there might be a line outside the door. However, it's a pretty great size for an RV, so it will be totally worth it.
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