Come stay in an opulently decorated trailer and enjoy the luxuries hidden nearby

The owners of this superb travel trailer are not lying when they write, "We took camping out to a whole new level." The Shaggy Dog is not just your ordinary trailer; it is a beautifully charming and incredibly welcoming bed and breakfast that is ready to turn your camping experience into one you will never forget.
You can book a night or two at The Shaggy Dog by logging onto Airbnb. Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the host, Terri, takes pride in the resort's Southwestern ambiance. The property not only boasts an amazingly remodeled trailer for you to stay in but also a swimming pool, a pool table, and a poolside bar. On top of all of that, for a small fee they provide you with a three-course breakfast. How can anyone say no to that?
Just by looking at the exterior of this trailer, you would never guess how splendid the interior is. Lovely greens, whites, and grays decorate the surfaces making the space very fresh and lively.
We love how color-coordinated everything is from the tableware to the floral pattern on the sofa.
The bathroom is spacious and has tons of storage...​
...but we would suggest trying something new and bathing in the open-air.
After a warm shower, why not head over to the poolside bar for a drink?
Maybe even play a game of pool or two...
...or jump in the pool itself and have a cocktail under the waterfall.
With so much excitement in one place, you'll definitely be looking forward to a good night's sleep in this super soft bed.
Did we mention that you get all of this for only 80 dollars a night? Yes, please!
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