Step inside this newly redesigned 1982 Shasta: You'll never forget its sleek interior

If camping and RVing are on your list of passions, you've probably heard of the name Shasta. When we think of Shasta what usually comes to mind is the cute and iconic 1960s Airflyte, complete with silver wings and colorful exterior paint jobs. The brand itself tends to exude retro charm and nostalgia.
But the Shasta doesn't always have to maintain that old-school aesthetic. In fact, the "canned ham" trailers make perfect containers for sleek, contemporary design. This 1982 Shasta Trailer is a prime example of modern elegance inside a vintage shell. Book a stay through Airbnb and see for yourself!
This is not an average hotel or an average camper for that matter. This Shasta is a part of Wanderlust Palm Springs: "A vacation experience that perfectly blends the simplicity of yesteryear with the modern conveniences of today."
The host, Craig, wanted to transform this old Shasta into a one-of-a-kind rental that truly shines despite its age. It definitely succeeds in blowing us away.
The whole interior of this Shasta is rich with gleaming surfaces and gorgeous details. The best part is, everything is so perfectly coordinated, giving the space a glamorously cohesive aesthetic.
We love the use of a bold monochromatic color palette. Yet, because every surface has a different pattern or texture, there is so much variety in this black and white interior.
Did we mention this gorgeous trailer is located in the beautiful Palm Springs, California? You will love the outdoor space of this property almost as much as the indoor. A day spent by the pool is an absolute must when staying here.
Rinse all that chlorine off in this incredible, modern bathroom. Honeycomb tiles and all glass shower will add the perfect amount of glam to any RV restroom.
With a bathroom that looks this good, we bet you won't even be bothered by the small size.
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