Take a peek inside a sleek teardrop with a special added bonus within

This tiny teardrop trailer is parked right next to a beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, home - but if you're up for an adventure, you can take it on the road too. Exploration is the heart of these little trailers after all!
This teardrop pleasantly surprises you with its homey feel and the fact that, from the outside, it looks like a regular trailer shrunken down. Inside there's a big bed, a television, and a luxurious air conditioner for those hot southern nights. There's also great built-in shelving and countertops to store all your necessities. Don't just take our word for it - take the tour of this little trailer and see for yourself.
While most of the year, this little teardrop stays parked next to the family's North Carolina home, it does go off on some adventures with travelers looking for fun, and exploration. As you can see here, it's the perfect size for hitching to the back of your car, and running off to the beach or nearby mountains.
The teardrop doesn't come with a kitchenette, but you can enjoy meals outside with this attachable table. Doesn't it just look so pretty there with the vase of flowers?
This is a great little addition that makes this teardrop trailer experience all the more special.
Inside there's a big comfy bed for sitting back and relaxing after a day of exploring downtown Charlotte, or the mountains. The window lets in tons of beautiful light too, making this room feel quite spacious.
The family has gone all out with this teardrop - providing a flat screen TV and DVD player for movie nights or rainy days. They've also outfitted the trailer with a heater in the winter and an air conditioner for those hot, humid nights.
Then there's the ample storage space at the end of the trailer right by the door. Here you can store all your clothing or gear underneath and up top keep your food, drinks, or laptop.
Above, you can see the decorations they put in the trailer for Valentine's day - how cute and romantic!
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