Enjoy the peace and quiet of this spacious park model with ample storage space

Why pay six figures for a luxury park model when you can just rent? Snowbirds who love to be on the move, exploring new places and seeing new sights, don't want to be tied down to one spot. Renting a park model is a great way to live the luxury life without committing to a single property.
The Rancho Casa Blanca Country Club is a 55+ gated community that takes its security very seriously. The security gate surrounding the community gives you the assurance that you can leave your front door unlocked – what a wonderful feeling!
Property SPC 194 is a fully furnished park model that sports a large covered patio for entertaining. Of course, you could always use it for watching the sunset as you relax with a large glass of iced tea. With all the space you've got, the possibilities are promising.
The light and airy living room has been spruced up with comfy furniture and colorful throw pillows. Short, trimmed carpet makes for easy cleaning.
A sweet little dining set and extended counter make for the perfect breakfast nook. With a staggering amount of cabinet space, both in the dining area and the kitchen, you'll never run out of storage.
See what we mean? Cabinets everywhere! There's also a dishwasher for quick cleanups.
A sliding window above the shower provides ventilation, sweeping the steam out and keeping your mirrors fog-free.
These windows are rather unique, and they've got custom blinds made to fit. There's no need to bring your own headboard – this one's wall-mounted, so you can switch out the bed if you want to without any trouble.
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