Get whisked away to a castle-like forest refuge and enjoy its luxurious furnishings

You've always known you were royalty, but for the longest time you've had no castle to reign in. You deserve to be treated like the king or queen you are! That's the reason we've sought out this park model for you. It's a regular Camelot, but just wait until you see the special surprise you get with the property.
The lower half of the exterior siding is made from stone-look tiles. The vaulted ceilings will make you feel like you're living in the highest tower of your castle, and it can all be found in the forest community of Maple Falls, Washington.
Enjoy the spacious covered deck as you while away your evenings with a nice glass of wine.
You'll enjoy cooking out with friends when you get the chance to use your shiny new grill.
To add to the castle vibes, the living room armchairs have moss-colored pillows that mimic the real thing.
If the weather doesn't permit you to be outdoors, the stone-look electric fireplace and large flat-screen TV will keep you cozy.
There's also extra seating in the living room by the sideboard/wine station.
Every castle needs sconces! Although there's only one in the kitchen, there's plenty of room to add more elsewhere. But you'll be too distracted by the large, updated appliances and generous amount of storage space to worry about it.
Eat your meals at the snug dining area with its large bay windows and enjoy the views.
Relaxation is the name of the game when you have a deep soaker tub with shower combo. The bathroom is also quite roomy.
We just adore the comforter set on the queen bed, and the big windows in the bedroom aren't bad either!
Are you ready for the special surprise? If you're wondering what could possibly be inside this bunkhouse...'d be right if you guessed a couple of bunks. Well, they're actually beds, and they're as comfy as can be. There's even room for a dresser and a couple of nightstands. The property includes a storage shed for any supplies you need, but the park model itself is spacious enough that you probably won't need it.
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