Go on a ride with a shiny, top-of-the-line teardrop and enjoy its refined interior

We adore teardrops because of their durability and convenience, and this one is just that but with a stylish little twist. This SoCal teardrop is utilitarian from the outside but bright, open and comfortably cozy inside.
Located in San Diego County, you can take this little teardrop just about anywhere — from the desert to the seaside. It's the perfect little trailer for a weekend getaway — or even a festival.
You're going to be perfectly comfortable towing this teardrop behind your car because of its compact size, but it's still plenty big for sprawling out and relaxing after a day of exploring, or festival-ing! Take the tour of this awesome little California teardrop and see for yourself.
Check out the hatch of this teardrop trailer: Instead of opening up into a kitchen, a table pulls out so you can prepare food, or even host a little outdoor cocktail hour. This is a really fun addition to a teardrop that we don't see often!
On the inside, there's this awesome seating area that doubles as a bed — but we'll get to that. For now, you can see how versatile this space really is. Like this, you can sit inside on a rainy day and enjoy a movie, or just curl up with a book in the evenings.
When it's pulled up into a couch, it's apparent how big the inside of this teardrop is! There's plenty of space to sprawl out and relax, and the space feels bright and open thanks to those big windows fitted on the doors.
And just like that, the mattress pulls down, and you've got a bed. This is a nice big sleeping area that you'll love curling up in at night after a day of dancing at your favorite festival or simply watching the stars while camping.
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