Check out this large and luxurious Outback travel trailer with a hidden surprise

When you think of a house that sleeps ten, you might be imagining a lavish three-story mansion with a grand entrance, ten bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms. Would you ever believe that the ten person accommodations would be in the form of a travel trailer? Well, this is definitely no ordinary RV.
This Outback travel trailer is just as grand as any mansion, it just happens to be on wheels. When you book this trailer on Airbnb, the whole family can come along for a San Diego vacation in the sun. You will be so charmed by this trailer's spaciousness and ambiance that you might even forget you are in an RV. Take a look for yourself below.
Now this is glamping. Just look at all that room to move around! It even features a huge flat-screen TV and a warm fireplace- two absolute essentials for a welcoming living room.
Unlike other travel trailers, this Outback features multiple private rooms rather than an open concept layout. When real, full-size doors are introduced, the environment starts to feel a lot less like an RV and way more like a regular home. ​
The bathroom is pretty standard for a travel trailer - small and functional. However, it is hard to beat the luxurious surfaces and the glass walk-in shower.
We cannot get enough of this bunk house! With the bunk beds and the pull-out leather sofa, this room can sleep four people. The best part is, everyone has more than enough storage to organize all of their belongings.
The master suite is equally impressive and gets plenty of natural light.
Did we mention that there is a hidden surprise? Step outside, pop open this door, and enjoy your awesome outdoor kitchen! With some burgers and cold beers, nothing can go wrong.
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