Marvel at this open-air Airstream renovation: You've never seen anything like it

Interior Airstream renovations are so common these days that everyone who owns one of the iconic RVs is dying to find ways to make theirs new again. Who is to blame them? Airstreams are so sturdy, well-crafted, and good looking it would be a crime not to preserve that. Not only has this Airstream undergone an incredible interior renovation but it also went through some pretty major exterior changes as well.
For starters, a hole almost the whole length of the Airstream was cut out in order to make room for three large frameless glass panels. The panels slide open to form a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. Beyond the glass lies a huge, cantilevered deck that overlooks the Channel Islands and Deer Creek Canyon. When you aren't lounging on the deck, you will be inside the Airstream enjoying an open feeling of a studio apartment. Despite being inside, you will feel like you standing on top of a mountain.​
Here, you can see the sliding glass panels and straight through to the kitchenette. As if Airstream's minimal design wasn't already gorgeous enough as is, this glass wall takes it to the next level.
Hardwood floors extend right through the glass wall and towards the mountains. Distinctions between interior and exterior almost completely vanish.
We can't get enough of this deck and, of course, the incredible views. When you are perched atop this private bluff, the ocean feels infinite, and you'll definitely be wishing this Airbnb stay is too.
The inside of this Airstream is just as breath-taking. We love the bare metal walls and how there are endless views from every window. ​
There is also a state-of-the-art kitchenette perfect for when you're hanging out with friends.
The bathroom is a short walk away from the Airstream but a lovely scenic route at that.
With such a plush and lavish living room, you and your friends will never want to leave.
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