Delightfully unique with a modern twist – this trailer has something special hidden inside

Vacation in a Can sounds like an interesting proposition, but it's actually the name of a custom teardrop trailer company. VC specializes in pint-sized vintage and custom trailers with a special twist.
The Orange Pop was the company's first ever custom teardrop trailer. This spectacular little camper has a lot of personality for one so small, and we were eager to get a look inside of it. You won't believe how awesome it is!
The hatch door swings open to reveal a matching orange mattress in the compact interior. The kitchenette on the back is easily accessed as well, but we'll get to that in a bit.
Sleek orange hubs on the trailer's wheels give it a very streamlined vintage look.
Here's a closer look at the mattress. You can see a couple of corner shelves hanging out just above the bed. They even sneaked a side window in to make it feel less cramped.
Just around the corner is a nice bit of shelving and cabinet space for storing camping supplies.
Ah, here's the pride and joy of the Orange Pop teardrop trailer. The kitchenette has a lot packed into it, including a couple of table attachments, portable cooktop, sliding drawers, and a handy trunk light.
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