Get some sun thanks to a uniquely designed teardrop with an extra-cozy interior

If this little teardrop looks like it's situated on its own little slice of paradise, that's because it is. You can find this beachy, rustic teardrop on the Basque coast in France. Yep - France! A little piece of American-vintage charm has made its way across the ocean and is available on the property or for enjoying beachside.
The exterior of this French teardrop is made up of wide planked and knotty wood for a rustic feel. The hatch opens up in the back to the perfect little eating area - or bar! And the inside is cozy-as-can-be with more of that beautiful wood, and a big bed for stretching out after a day of exploring. While this region of the world is beautiful, you might not be tempted to go far from your adorable accommodation - so choose a parking spot wisely.
The back of the teardrop opens up to a big beautiful kitchen space decked out in stunning woods from light honey colored tones to deep oaks. Here they've got a great little sink, a burner, and plenty of prep space. Really, it also looks like a great little bar area. So pour a drink, and enjoy the view!
Around the side of the trailer, you see how the door opens up to the bedroom and living space. The door of the teardrop is unique in itself - we love the Dutch door design of it, with the window separating from the top. So, swing the window open and let the seaside breeze in.
When you hop inside this little teardrop, you'll be delighted by the tall ceilings and all the storage space. Fill those shelves up with your everyday items and books, and soon, this place will feel like home.
The lofty, rounded ceiling also makes this little teardrop feel less cramped. You can easily sit up and move around in here - meaning you'll be comfortable spending a few extra hours in bed in the mornings.
Here you can see the great set up this little teardrop enjoys. There's a big deck, a canopy for hiding from the seemingly endless sunshine, and plenty of lush green trees. Of course, you can also easily hitch this tiny teardrop to the back of your car and go for an adventure too.
What a unique, and beautiful teardrop. Be sure to share this French, Basque country teardrop with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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