Tour the luxurious interior of this premium trailer

If you want to talk about premium teardrop trailers, you can't get much better than the T@B XL 510 DS. This teardrop trailer is so exclusive that it isn't even available in the United States yet.
The model takes luxury camping to a level far beyond the expected current U.S. standard. If you want to go smaller, you're in luck now; a smaller version called the L 400 TD is currently available. The T@B XL, however, has much more to offer, and it's easy to see why U.S. citizens are eager for production of it to start here.
Unlike other teardrop trailers, this model has a front-facing window for passengers.
The interior totally blew us away. A leather couch with a matching ottoman will have you eager to lounge about in the spacious trailer, and the amount of storage space you get can't be beat.
Seriously, all the walls in this trailer are cabinets! There's not one square inch of space that hasn't been put to good use. You can rest easy in front of the warm electric fireplace and built-in TV screen.
Rich brick red seats make the dining area a shining feature in the XL, but it's the "chandelier" that caught our attention. It is (you guessed it) yet more shelving. You've got to love the recessed lighting above the kitchen too.
The kitchen features a two-burner gas cooktop and a deep sink with a dual-purpose cover (it also functions as a cutting board).
Even the fridge is amazing!
One of the fanciest parts of the trailer is the bathroom. A stainless steel bowl sink, vanity mirror, and circular window? Count us in for a luxury vacation in this top of the line trailer!
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