Check out this custom-made, vintage-inspired teardrop's comfy interior

If you've got a thing for classic cars, you're going to love our next teardrop trailer. This custom model has all the mid-century charm necessary to win your heart, but just wait until you see what it's attached to.
Unfortunately, its companion isn't for sale, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the symmetry between the two. What we're talking about is the matching Ford pickup this trailer was designed for.
The trailer itself was assembled using parts from two different 1940 Ford sedans (one gray and one white). The frame, windows, and interior have all been remodeled with brand-new materials that keep the classic look.
You can definitely appreciate the large windows on the trailer. Most teardrop trailers have smaller windows that don't let in as much light as we'd like, so it's nice to see how well the car's original frame was used to keep this feature.
In a time long, long ago, back in the ancient days, car windows were rolled down without the use of buttons. Fortunately, the younger crowd will still have custom speakers, a DVD player and a TV tucked away in the rear of the camper. The entire floor is a bed, so get comfy!
Are you tired of smaller fans that barely give you a breeze? Try an entire A/C unit! You'll stay nice and cool with the trailer's car ventilation system.
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